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Jane's Students

Recent and Past Postdoctoral Scholars

Elizabeth Cerny-Chipman

Current Student Mentees

Jenna Sullivan - Ph.D. Candidate (Bruce Menge, Advisor)
Vanessa Constant - Ph.D. Candidate (Sally Hacker, Advisor)
Silke Bachhuber - Ph.D. Student (Bruce Menge, Advisor)
Heather Fulton-Bennett - Ph.D. Student (Bruce Menge, Advisor)

Co-Sponsor for Assistant Professor, Senior Research

Current or Former Joint Co-Sponsor with B.A. Menge

  • Gary Allison  2000-2001
  • Brian Grantham 2001-2003
  • Francis Chan 2004-2009; 2013-present
  • Allen Milligan 2004-2006
  • Gil Rilov 2007-2008
  • Kristen Milligan 2009-2009; 2013-present
  • Kirsten Grorud-Colvert 2014-present

Former Graduate Students

Degrees Awarded to Students (advised jointly with B.A. Menge) (29 Ph.D.s; 10 MS.s awarded)
(Name, degree, date, current position):

  • William R. Rice, Ph.D. 1980, Professor; University of California at Santa Barbara
  • Dianna K. Padilla, M.S. 1981; Ph.D., University of Alberta; Professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Kenneth R. Yates, M.S. 1982; Ph.D., 1989; Vice President of Husbandry and Life Support Systems, Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific; unknown
  • Teresa Turner, Ph.D. 1982; Professor, College of Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, V.I.
  • Steven D. Gaines, Ph.D. 1982; Professor, Dean, Bren School for the Environment, U.C. Santa Barbara; National Graduate Advisor of the Year, 2009
  • Carla M. D'Antonio, M.S. 1982; Ph.D., U.C. Santa Barbara; Professor, U.C. Berkeley; Professor, U.C. Santa Barbara
  • Christopher P. Marsh, Ph.D. 1984; Director, Spring Island Trust, South Carolina
  • Alice F. Brown, M.S. 1985; Ph.D. Brown University; local activist
  • Annette M. Olson, M.S. 1985; Ph.D., 1992; Independent scientist
  • Lani West, Ph.D. 1986; Research Associate, University of Queensland
  • Terence M. Farrell, Ph.D.; 1987, Professor, Stetson University
  • Cynthia D. Trowbridge, Ph.D., 1989; Research Associate, Hatfield Marine Science Center, OSU
  • Denise Idler, M.S. 1992; Ph.D. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, 2002, voluntarily unemployed
  • Peter van Tamelen, Ph.D., 1992; private consultant
  • Deborah R. Brosnan, Ph.D., 1994; Co-Founder and President, Sustainable Ecosystems Institute, Lake Oswego, Oregon, now private consultant
  • Carol A. Blanchette, Ph.D., 1994; Associate Professor, Research, U.C. Santa Barbara
  • Sergio A. Navarrete, Ph.D., 1994; Associate Professor, Catholic University, Santiago, Chile, and Director, Coastal Station of Marine Investigations (ECIM), Universidad Catolica, Las Cruces, Chile
  • Deirdre Roberts, M.S., 1995; middle school science teacher, Salinas, CA
  • Eric Berlow, Ph.D., 1995; Director, Sierra Nevada Research Institute, Wawona Field Station, Yosemite National Park (UC Merced); TED Global Fellow
  • Gary Allison, Ph.D., 1997; Assistant Professor-Research , Ohio State University
  • Karina Nielsen, Ph.D., 1998; Associate Professor Sonoma State University
  • Eric Sanford, Ph.D., 1999; Associate Professor, University of California at Davis
  • Jen Burnaford, Ph.D., 2001; Assistant Professor, California State University at Fullerton
  • Tess Freidenberg, Ph.D. 2002; Senior Scientist, Marine Protected Areas Monitoring Enterprises, Oakland, CA.
  • Matt Bracken, Ph.D., 2003; Assistant Professor, Northeastern University
  • Heather Leslie, Ph.D. 2004; Assistant Professor, Brown University
  • Roly Russell, Ph. D. 2005; Independent Scholar
  • Maria Kavanaugh, M.S. 2005; PhD 2012; Post-doc Scholar Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • John Howieson, M.S. 2006, retired
  • Anne Guerry, Ph.D., 2006; Lead Scientist, the Natural Capital Project's Marine Conservation Initiative, Stanford University, Woods Institute
  • Elise Granek, PhD., 2006, Professor, Portland State University
  • Chris Krenz, Ph.D., 2007, Staff Scientist, Oceana
  • Laura Petes, Ph.D., 2007, Ecosystem Science Advisor, Climate Program Office, NOAA
  • A. Paulina Guarderas, M.S., 2007, Instituto NAZCA de Investigaciones Marinas ( a marine NGO), Ecuador
  • Luis Vinueza, Ph.D. 2009, Assistant Professor, Universidad de Ecuador
  • Dafne Eerkes-Medrano, Ph.D., 2011, Research Associate, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK
  • Joe Tyburczy, PhD. 2011, PISCO Policy Coordinator, Oregon State University

Graduate Students initially co-advised with B.A. Menge; then advised solely by B.A. Menge when Lubchenco was at NOAA: 

  • Alison Iles (NSERC Fellow), Ph.D. 2012 
  • Sara Close, (NSF Fellow), Ph.D. 2013
  • Jeremy Rose, (NSF Fellow) 2015

Former Postdoctoral Students

Advised jointly with Bruce Menge:

  • Elizabeth Dahlhoff, 1993-1995; Ph.D. Scripps Inst. of Oceanography; Mellon Post Doc; Professor University of Santa Clara
  • Cynthia Trowbridge, 1993-9; Ph.D., OSU; Research Faculty, Hatfield Marine Science Center, OSU
  • Sergio Navarrete, 1994-5; Ph.D. OSU; Associate Professor and Director of Marine Laboratory, Catholic University, Santiago, Chile; Eric Berlow, 1995-96, Ph. D., OSU; Director, Wawona Filed Station, University of California Merced
  • Patricia Halpin, 1995-2001, Ph.D., Instructor, University of California at Los Angeles
  • Gary Allison, 1997-98, Ph.D. OSU; Ohio State University Research Faculty
  • Brian Grantham, 1997-2003, Ph.D., Stanford University; Coordinator, Aquatic Research-AQUATIC Research and Development Section, Natural Resources, Government of Ontario, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
  • George Leonard, 1998-1999; Ph. D., Brown University; Director, Aquaculture Program, Ocean Conservancy
  • Carl Schoch, Ph.D., Oregon State University; Affiliate Associate Research Professor, Alaska Ocean Observing System, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Karina Nielsen, 2000-2003; Ph. D., OSU; Associate Professor, Sonoma State University
  • Francis Chan, 2001-2004, Ph.D., Cornell University; Assistant Professor, Senior Research, OSU
  • Michael Webster, 2001-2004; Ph. D., OSU; Executive Director, The Coral Reef Alliance, Oakland, CA
  • Tess Friedenburg, 2002-2004; Ph. D., Senior Scientist, Marine Protected Areas Monitoring Enterprise, California Ocean Science Trust, Oakland CA
  • Kimberly Heiman, 2006-2008; Ph.D., Stanford; Instructor, Muhlenberg College, 2008-present
  • Gil Rilov, 2005-2007; PhD. Tel Aviv University; Senior Scientist, Department of Biology and Biotechnology, National Institute of Oceanography, Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research, Haifa, Israel
  • Karen McLeod 2003-2007; PhD. OSU; Director of Science, COMPASS
  • Sarah Dudas, 2005-2009; Ph.D.; Canada Research Chair, University of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo, BC
  • Kirsten Grorud-Colvert 2006-2010; Ph.D. University of Miami; Schmidt Research Vessel Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010-2012.