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  • 'Hope for the ocean lies in the marriage between a deep respect for our dependence on nature and a desire to create innovative ways to use the ocean without using it up.’

  • ‘Opportunities abound to craft solutions to our most wicked problems.  We need only look to the rich potential that comes from integrating science, business, innovation and nature.’
  • 'The fact that 25 governments came together gives us hope that more of the ocean can be protected and used wisely,” Jane Lubchenco, an ocean researcher at Oregon State and a founding Climate Central board member, said, praising the marine reserve aspect in particular. “Marine reserves are climate reserves.'

  • '30 percent more acidic since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution; if business-as-usual carbon emissions continue, oceans are likely to be 150 percent more acidic by the end of this century. Yikes!'

  • 'I take heart in knowing that social change can happen very rapidly once a tipping point is reached, that young people are bringing new passion and creativity to the issue, and that climate change is being seen increasingly as the moral issue it is.'
    New York Times Interview, September 22, 2014