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NOAA Accomplishments

Jane replanting coral

Jane being sworn in as NOAA Administrator and Undersecretary of Commerce by Vice President Joseph Biden (2009)

Briefing President Obama on the Deepwater Horizon Disaster in the Situation Room (2010) 

Day in and day out, NOAA’s work impacts the lives of every American. From life-saving and commerce-enabling weather forecasts to research on how our planet is changing to protecting natural resources and sharing information broadly, NOAA personnel are developing solutions for some of our planet’s most pressing challenges. NOAA enriches lives through science, services and stewardship. With roots dating back to 1807, our agency has evolved to meet the needs of a changing nation and changing environment.

During my nearly four years at NOAA, through daily interactions and challenging disasters, I’ve had occasion to get to know many of our nearly 13,000 employees and hundreds of contractors upon which we rely. One thing that has impressed me immensely is the passion they feel for our mission. I’ve also been astounded at NOAA’s breadth—our mission takes us from the surface of the sun to the depths of the ocean floor. And I’ve seen NOAA adapt to changing circumstances and embrace new opportunities and challenges, while staying true to its core values. An example of this adaptation is NOAA’s embrace of innovative ways to be more efficient or effective, whether it’s cloud IT solutions or social media. Beginning with Facebook and Twitter in 2009, NOAA has developed a strong social media presence, tweeting and posting to hundreds of thousands of followers around the nation and the world.

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