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Awards and Honors Presented to Jane

AWARDS and HONORS are listed below in three categories: Honorary Academies, Honorary Degrees, and Other Major Awards and Honors

AWARDS and HONORS part 1:
  Honorary Societies (3 national, 4 international; year elected, history, size)

  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1993; founded 1780 by John Adams, John Hancock et al.; around 4,000 members.
  • National Academy of Sciences, 1996; founded 1863, charter signed by President Abraham Lincoln; about 2000 members.
  • American Philosophical Society, 1998; founded 1743 by Benjamin Franklin et al.; around 1,000 members.
  • European Academy of Sciences, 2002-2014; founded 1990; ca 1500 members; resigned 2014.
  • The Royal Society, Foreign Member, 2004; founded 1660 by Christopher Wren et al.; around 1450 members.
  • The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), 2004; founded by Abdus Salam ‘to advance science and engineering for sustainable prosperity in the developing world’; around 1100 members, around 90% of whom live and work in developing countries.
  • Academia Chilena de Ciencias (Chilean Academy of Sciences), Corresponding Member, 2007; founded 1964; 39 members, 48 corresponding (foreign) members.
  • California Academy of Sciences, Fellow, 2017

AWARDS and HONORS part 2:   Honorary Doctoral Degrees (22):

Drexel University, 1992; Colorado College, 1993; Bates College, 1997; Unity College, 1998; Southampton College, Long Island University, 1999; Princeton University, 2001; Plymouth State College, 2002; Michigan State University, 2003; Georgetown University, 2008; AugsburgCollege, 2009; Dartmouth College, 2009; University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009; Loyola University New Orleans, 2011; State University of New York (SUNY) Stony Brook University, 2011; Western Washington University 2011; University of South Carolina, 2012; University of Puget Sound, 2012; Yale University, 2012; Rutgers University, 2013; Willamette University, 2015; American Museum of Natural History, 2018; University of Antwerp, to be awarded April 2019.

 AWARDS and HONORS part 3:   Other Major Awards and Honors
 Cumulative: 8Science Citation Classics’ or ‘Top 0.25%’ Papers, ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) Current Content
George Mercer Award, Ecological Society of America, (co-recipient Bruce A. Menge); outstanding paper published anywhere in the world by a young ecologist      

Outstanding Teacher Award, OSU Alpha Lambda Delta (freshman honor society)
National Lecturer, Phycological Society of America, 1987-89

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow
Pew Scholar in Conservation and the Environment, Pew Charitable Trusts, 1992-1995
Distinguished Professor, Oregon State University, 1993-present
MacArthur Fellow, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 1993-1998
Oregon Scientist of the Year, Oregon Academy of Science
Golden Eagle Award, Council for International Nontheatrical Events (CINE), Washington, D.C. (for National Geographic film Diversity of Life), co-recipients James and Elaine Larison
AWIS Fellow, Association for Women in Science
Distinguished Service Award, Ecological Society of America

Honorary Member, Golden Key National Honor Society, OSU
National Conservation Award, Daughters of the American Revolution                                      

Founder’s Education Award, Daughters of the American Revolution
Sustained Achievement Award, Renewable Natural Resources Foundation
David B. Stone Award, New England Aquarium
Howard Vollum Award, Reed College

Honorary Member for Life, British Ecological Society
Golden Plate Award, The American Academy of Achievement
Ed Ricketts Memorial Award; Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
The Heinz Award for the Environment, Heinz Family Foundation
Outstanding Woman Scientist, Discover Magazine, November
Leadership Citation, Council for Scientific Society Presidents

Distinguished Service Award, Society for Conservation Biology
ISI Highly Cited Researcher in Ecology/Environment
Distinguished Alumna Award, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Washington
Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Environmental Law Institute Award (the first scientist to receive this honor)
Distinguished Scientist Award, American Institute of Biological Sciences
Public Understanding of Science and Technology Award, American Association for the Advancement of Science (the first woman to receive this award)
Centennial Award, Botanical Society of America, for exemplary service to the plant sciences

Gilfillan Award, OSU College of Science, for distinguished scholarship in science
Beijer Fellow, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics
The Zayed International Prize for the Environment, for Scientific and Technological Achievements, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Peter Benchley Ocean Award for Excellence in Policy, Blue Frontier
Coastal Hero Award, Sunset Magazine, for ‘amazing work in protecting and preserving the West's greatest treasures, the Pacific Ocean and its thousands of miles of shoreline’
Nature Magazine’s Newsmaker of the Year, cover photo and feature article on activities during 2010

Public Understanding of Science Award, The Exploratorium, San Francisco
Alumna Summa Laude Dignata, University of Washington; the highest award the University can bestow on one of its graduates

Achievement Award, D.C. Vermont Law School Alumni Association

Blue Planet Prize, Asahi Glass Foundation, Tokyo, Japan
Department of Commerce Gold Medal Award to NOAA for extraordinary service during the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Woman of Achievement Award, Oregon Commission for Women
Girls Scouts of America, Distinguished Colorado Alumna

Woman of the Year Award, Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Hedrick Fellow, Coast Guard Foundation, ‘honorscitizens whose distinguished public service shaped the course of our nation’; ‘brings world-renown political, military and industry leaders to the Coast Guard Academy to share their wisdom with cadets.’

National Portrait Project, video portrait by Lincoln Schatz of contemporary American leadership and innovation; opened December 2012 at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Women in Science and Technology Hall of Fame, inductee, Women in Science and  Technology International (WITI) Foundation, ‘to recognize, celebrate, and publicize women’s exceptional contributions to science and technology’.

Inaugural Ocean Hero, Sailors for the Sea (along with Charlie Rose and Sir Russell Coutts). 

Presidential Citation for Science and Society, American Geophysical Union, 1 of 3 Inaugural awardees (other recipients: Senator Olympia Snowe and Google Earth); ‘celebrates leaders whose work has advanced understanding and appreciation of the value of Earth and space, and science."

Inaugural Fellow
of the Ecological Society of America
Honorary Lifetime Member, American Society of Naturalists.  (The total number of living Fellows is limited to 12)

Distinguished Public Service Award, U.S. Coast Guard. (The highest award the Coast Guard gives to a civilian.)  ‘…for her extraordinary vision, leadership and commitment to maritime stewardship...’

Lifetime Achievement Award, National Marine Sanctuaries Foundation.

Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Ecology and Conservation Biology, BBVA Foundation, ‘for experimentally characterizing marine ecosystems and providing the science behind the design of protected areas’. 
Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Climate Change Award                                      

Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence, Stroud Water Research Center                        

Seattle Aquarium Medal, ‘for leadership and longstanding commitment to issues facing the environment, oceans and our climate, and for inspiring many, especially the next generation.  

NatureServe Conservation Award, ‘for steadfast commitment to science as an instrument of public policy and understanding’.                                                                                          

Eminent Ecologist Award, Ecological Society of America, “The most prestigious award granted by the ESA, in recognition of an outstanding body of ecological work of sustained ecological contributions of extraordinary merit.”
TWAS Medal, every year The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) ‘honors three of its members for their outstanding achievements in their fields of research’.
Miguel Alemán Medal commemorating the delivery of the XX Miguel Alemán Lecture, Mexico City, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. 
Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication, given by Climate One at The Commonwealth Club of California for ‘extraordinary scientific contributions and an outstanding record of communicating the findings effectively to a broad public.’ 

John and Alice Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, “for effective and valiant public leadership to sustain our global ocean commons and for inspired work in education, mentorship, science communication, and science policy. Her research and policy efforts have advanced understanding of threats to ocean biodiversity and the feasibility and benefits of recovering depleted fisheries and creating marine protected areas to enhance our global life support systems. She sets an example for all scientists to take on the responsibility of communicating science to  inform public understanding and policy that sustains earth’s natural resources” 

Linus Pauling Legacy Award, Oregon State University Libraries and Press; granted once every two years for outstanding achievement; ‘for her leadership in ecology and environmental sustainability; for the inspiration that she has provided to an untold number of students studying in the STEM fields, among other disciplines; for her focus on the interactions between the natural environment and human well-being; and for her courage in agitating for meaningful change to protect the Earth’s ecosystem for generations to come.’


Oregon History Maker, Oregon Historical Society, ‘honors Oregonians whose outstanding achievements have shone brightly on our state.'

Excellence in Ecology Prize, International Institute for Ecology, Hamburg, Germany.

Sapientia et Doctrina Medal, Fordham University, to celebrate Fordham’s 175th Anniversary

Public Welfare Medal, U.S.National Academy of Sciences, ‘the most prestigious award given by the NAS’; ‘for your successful efforts in bringing together the research community, its sponsors, and the public policy community to focus on urgent issues related to global environmental change.’

Pioneer in Science, World Science Festival. Each year, the Pioneers in Science program gives high school students from around the globe rare and intimate access to one of the world’s most renowned scientists in a town hall style discussion.   

Sustainability Science Award, Ecological Society of America, for Liu et al. 2015 Science. ‘award        recognizes the authors of a peer-reviewed publication that makes the greatest contribution to the        emerging science of ecosystem and regional sustainability through the integration of ecological and        social sciences.’ 

Honorary Member, Phi Beta Kappa, Oregon State University Chapter

Fellow, California Academy of Sciences, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the natural sciences.


Vannevar Bush Award, National Science Board, honors truly exception lifelong leaders in science and technology who have made substantial contributions to the welfare of the Nation through  public service activities in science, technology and public policy.

Fellows Medal, California Academy of Sciences,‘awarded to an especially prominent scientist for outstanding contributions to science’ (to be awarded Oct 8).


Ocean Tethys Award, Ocean Visions Initiative, inaugural recipient, for ‘significant achievements as an international leader in science and policy, as well as your untiring efforts to bring a positive outlook on the ocean’s future’ (to be awarded April 2019).